Privacy Policy


Your Personal Data:

What we need
My Sourcing Hub Ltd will be what’s known as the ‘processor’ (We) of the personal data you provide to us. We only collect basic personal data about you which does not include any special types of information or location-based information, unless a physical product is purchased. This does however include name, address, email etc.

Why we need it
We need to know your basic personal data in order to provide you with notice writing and needs analysis with regard to using My Sourcing Hub. We will not collect any personal data from you we do not need in order to provide and oversee this service to you.

What we do with it
All the personal data we process is handled by our staff in the UK however for the purposes of IT hosting and maintenance this information is located on servers within the European Union or US. No 3rd parties have access to your personal data unless the law allows them to do so.

How long we keep it
We are required under UK tax law to keep your basic personal data (name, address, contact details) for a minimum of 7 years after which time it will be destroyed. If we have your information for marketing purposes, this will be kept with us until you notify us that you no longer wish to receive this information. Marketing data is only kept for 3 years.

What we would also like to do with it
We would like to use your name and email address to inform you of our future offers and property deals which appear on the site as well as providing latest news of the property market in the UK. This information is not shared with third parties and you can unsubscribe at any time via phone or email.

What are your rights?
If at any point you believe the information we process on you is incorrect you can request to see this information and have it corrected or deleted. If you wish to raise a complaint on how we have handled your personal data, you can contact our Data Protection Officer, Hugo Beardsall, who will investigate the matter. If you are not satisfied with our response or believe we are processing your personal data not in accordance with the law, you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).
Our Data Protection Officer is Hugo Beardsall and you can contact him at
We believe that the following are being complied with. If, however, you have an enquiry on how your data is used, please send an email to for further clarification.
Notice—data subjects should be given notice when their data is being collected; email and name only, in most cases although, postal addresses may be collected for physical products.Purpose—data should only be used for the purpose stated and not for any other purposes; property and business/news and potential property investment dealsConsent—data should not be disclosed without the data subject’s consent; Your data will not be disclosed or shared with a third party.Security—collected data should be kept secure from any potential abuses; data is secured by double password and recognised email providers.Disclosure—data subjects should be informed as to who is collecting their data; DPO is Hugo Beardsall, contactable on 07715 554180.Access—data subjects should be allowed to access their data and make corrections to any inaccurate data. Your data may be updated or changed at your request.
Accountability—data subjects should have a method available to them to hold data collectors accountable for not following the above principles. In the first instance, please contact Hugo Beardsall using phone or email.

Lawfulness, Fairness and Transparency
We map data flows and hold information compliant with ICO regulations as a data controller. The data held is vital for My Sourcing Hub to perform its duties to you as the client/customer. Where payment of a product or service is required, we will hold contact details as well as address. No details will be held which the customer has not entered or explicitly given My Sourcing Hub consent to hold.

We review consent with you on a yearly basis by providing an unsubscribe link on each and every email sent. You may withdraw your consent at any time. Personal data will be erased at your request at any time by sending an email to

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) for the organisation is Hugo Beardsall.

Data is collected on a lawful basis for processing by My Sourcing Hub LtdTerms and Conditions are separate from Data Protection Policy’s supplied on each email from the business.You may positively opt in.Opt in boxes are used where appropriate unless data collected was from phone call or email enquiry.If any language is not clear, please call 07715 554180 for clarification.Data is specifically used to market property investment deals and property news around the UK as well as informing about the services of My Sourcing HubYou may consent separately to different types of processing wherever appropriate.The business name is My Sourcing Hub Ltd.Individuals they can withdraw consent at any time and how to do this.Individuals can refuse to consent without detriment.Consent is not a precondition of service.
We send an initial email when data is collected – permission may be withdrawn from initial contact by you.
Data Protection – your data is protected by passwords on all systems in the business. Your data will not be shared with a third on any occasion. Your data will not be transferred to any party outside of the EU. The business has effective processes to identify, report, manage and resolve any personal data breaches to the data controller, Hugo Beardsall.
To comply with DPA new regulations issued by the ICO, we collect the following information.

What information is being collected?
Email addresses only, unless an online form is completed where name, email and telephone number are collected for future contact.

Who is collecting it?
Hugo Beardsall is the collector of information. Data is stored on the cloud, email service provider which is GDRP compliant.

How is it collected?
Information is collected by LinkedIn connection, Facebook connection, Pinterest follow, former gathered lists from property meetings, business networking meetings, property shows, business shows and events including Legacy. In addition, the positive sign up from each customer.

Why is it being collected?
Data is collected of those that express an interest in investing in property or business growth.

How will it be used?
Emails are sent when new property deals are available for purchase as well as displaying the latest news of the property market and new services available on My Sourcing Hub.

Who will it be shared with?
Data collected is not shared with anyone other than the collector.

What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?
Your data will not be shared with other organisations unless you give consent that we can share that information.

Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?
An unsubscribe link is provided on each email sent. Collected information on unsubscribes is stored on central data and servers.
Unconscious data providing. Data is sometimes collected by unconscious means ie. tracking on social media. When data has been collected this way, an individual can unsubscribe at future emails by clicking the link at the bottom of the email. Data may be collected by any of the means below.
observed, by tracking people online or by smart devices;
derived from combining other data sets; or
inferred by using algorithms to analyse a variety of data, such as social media, location data and records of purchases in order to profile people for example in terms of their credit risk, state of health or suitability for a job.

You have appropriate control over how you are contacted. Consent to market can be revoked at your will. Simply click on the unsubscribe link at the base/footer of any email received, you will be unsubscribed from that marketing list. If we have collected your data onto multiple lists, then multiple unsubscribes may be required. If the system fails, please do send an email to and request a deletion of your data.

You will not be asked to provide health information and will not contact you by post. We do not operate a loyalty card or any other form of loyalty bonus where your information could be stored without your consent. We will not ask for your location data nor track your data by mobile device.

Your data will not be used to offer related products or services by tracking on social media other than property investment deals or business growth by My Sourcing Hub Ltd. Your data is not used from recorded calls made to the office and we do not run a call centre. We do not collect data or provide services for anyone under the age of 18.

Messaging feature – The primary purpose of the messaging feature is to record conversations between investors and sourcing agents so as to provide evidence to both parties should a dispute with a deal occur. Although data protection legislation allows a user to request the deletion of data, in the case of the messaging feature, these messages will not be deleted. All users of the messaging feature consent to the storage of these conversations for as long as My Sourcing Hub deems reasonable, so as to support any claim in the event of a dispute.

Cookies – My Sourcing Hub uses cookies to collect information. This includes information about browsing behaviours by people who have access to My Sourcing Hub. This includes information about pages viewed, properties viewed and the customer journey around the website. You have the option of changing the settings on your browser to refuse cookies, however be aware that aspects of the website may not work properly if you do so.

This privacy notice is provided free of charge – anything contained, if misunderstood can be clarified by calling 07715 554180 and asking to speak with the data collector, Hugo Beardsall.

Terms and Conditions


Website Terms and Conditions of Use

Welcome to the MySourcingHub website Terms and Conditions for Use.

These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this Website and by accessing this Website or entering in to dialogue with any of our Sourcing Agents you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Using this Website indicates that you accept these terms regardless of whether or not you choose to register with us. If you do not accept these terms, do not use this website.

Our contact details are as follows: My Sourcing Hub Limited Company Number: 11322526

General email:

Telephone number: 020 7183 1814


In this document the following words shall have the following meanings:

1.1 ASK: the instant messaging facility on the Site for the use of Investors to facilitate dialogue relating to a Property or to ask questions of a Sourcing Agent regarding the same.

1.2 Data Protection Legislation: all applicable privacy and data protection laws including the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679) and any applicable national implementing laws, regulations and secondary legislation in England and Wales relating to the processing of Personal Data and the privacy of electronic communications, as amended, replaced or updated from time to time, including the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive (2002/58/EC) and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 (SI 2003/2426).

1.3 Escrow Account: an account opened by MySourcingHub with its affiliate Transpact Limited and in respect of which it is the sole signatory, (unless otherwise agreed in writing), and the utilisation of which – terms for deposit and release of funds – shall be on fixed terms in writing.

1.4 Investor /You: the person firm or company using the Platform to locate a suitable property for investment purposes.

1.5 Interactions: all liaison with a Seller of a Property with a view to establishing a route to Sale

1.6 Licensor: the owner of the original work who has granted permission for the use of its materials

1.7 Personal Data/Data: means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person that is processed by MySourcingHub Hub or the Sourcing Agent as a result of, or in connection with any use made of this Site.

1.8 Platform: the area of the website of MySourcingHub Limited where the properties are displayed.

1.9 Processing, processes and process: either any activity that involves the use of Personal Data or as the Data Protection Legislation may otherwise define processing, processes or process. It includes any operation or set of operations which is performed on personal data or on sets of personal data, whether or not by automated means, such as collection, recording. organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction. Processing also includes transferring Personal Data to third parties.

1.10 Property/Properties: any property or properties listed on the Platform as being potentially available for investment/ sale and purchase.

1.11 MySourcingHub/ Us/ We: MySourcingHub Limited.

1.12 Route to Sale: a pathway between the Seller and Investor which may result in a sale and purchase of a Property or Properties.

1.13 Seller: the registered proprietor of a Property or Properties, or its authorised selling agent.

1.14 Services: any services offered through the Platform or the Site including by way of general example only all forms of advice, arrangements and facilities organised.

1.15 Sourcing Agent: an independent party responsible for all enquiries or Interactions regarding a Property or Properties on the Platform.

1.16 Site/Website: the website of MySourcingHub


2.1 When you use this Website or enter in to any dialogue with us or any of our Sourcing Agents you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.

2.2 By using this Website you further consent to the processing of your Personal Data for the purposes envisaged by the Site and you acknowledge and agree that your Data may be transferred to the Sourcing Agent and may be used by it when handling Interactions with you or a Seller regarding a Property.

2.3 Any clients, customers or suppliers are Data Controllers under GDPR and MySourcingHub is the Data Processor. Both Data Controllers and Data Processors are obliged to comply with the GDPR and we rely upon your attention and observance where required.

2.4 No changes or variations to these Terms and Conditions shall be effective unless agreed in writing by us

2.5 We reserve the right to make changes to our Website and any policies or procedures at any time.

2.6 We may exclude any person firm or company further access to the Website in the event that in our sole discretion we consider the said party to be misusing the Site in any way or abusing the availability of the ASK facility or for any other reason without requirement to provide any reason therefor.

2.7 We strive to ensure that the Properties shown on the Platform remain on the market for sale but we do not give any warranty.

2.8 Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the Site remains available 24 hour a day we will not be liable for any downtime or unavailability for any period of time and we reserve the right to suspend the Site without notice when necessary.


3.1 Unless otherwise stated, the copyright and other intellectual property rights in all material on this Site (including without limitation photographs and images) are owned by us or the Licensor. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, any use of extracts from this Site for any purpose is prohibited. If you breach any of these terms and conditions, your permission to use this Website automatically terminates and you must immediately destroy any downloaded or printed extracts from this Website.

3.2 No part of this Website may be reproduced or stored in any other website or included in any public or private electronic retrieval system or service without our prior written permission.

3.3 Other than your personal information which is covered by our Privacy Policy, any material transmitted or posted by you via this Website is considered non-confidential and non-proprietary and will be treated as such. 3.4 You are required to use the Website with respect and may not post or transmit offensive or illegal materials. If we consider in our sole discretion that there is any misuse of this Website of any nature, for example by the posting or transmission of harmful, defamatory or indecent material or words, or of non-licensed material we may take such action as we consider appropriate and will fully co operate with any law enforcement agencies or Court Order.


4.1 You will be obliged to pay the Sourcing Agent a fee for its Services when you complete a contract for the sale and purchase of a Property that is displayed on our Platform. The Sourcing Agent is responsible for making this amount known to you and it will be payable by you to the Sourcing Agent in such manner as the Sourcing Agent directs, which may be by deduction from any funds paid in to the Escrow Account (if applicable).

4.2 If you complete the purchase of a Property without notifying the Sourcing Agent then all fees payable to the Sourcing Agent will become immediately due and payable by you and proceedings for recovery will be instigated.


5.1 You agree to communicate with the Sourcing Agent regarding any Property displayed on the Platform by use of the ASK facility.

5.2 We make every effort to accurately represent the Properties that are available and our intention is to assist you to locate the ideal property for your investment. However, you should undertake your own due diligence before making any step towards a purchase and we do not promise, guarantee or imply that your use of our Services, will improve your likelihood of securing a deal.

5.3 When a transaction for the sale and purchase of a Property completes you are responsible for the payment of all fees due to the Sourcing Agent. If you withdraw from a transaction you will remain responsible for 33% of the total fees due to the Sourcing Agent provided that if you withdraw from a transaction as a result of matters beyond your control the Hub will reimburse 100% of the fees to you.

5.4 After locating a Property on the Platform and reaching agreement with a Seller with the assistance of the Sourcing Agent you are responsible for instructing solicitors to act for you on the purchase and for all costs and other matters arising out of that relationship.


6.1 We exclude all liability for your use of our Website or Services except as set out below.

6.2 We do not limit liability in any way:

6.2.1 For death or personal injury caused by our negligence;

6.2.2 For fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or

6.2.3 For any matter for which it would be illegal for us to exclude, or attempt to exclude, our liability.

6.3 For the avoidance of doubt we will never be responsible to you for any indirect losses that you may suffer as a result of your Interaction with the Sourcing Agent after locating a Property on the Platform, however arising and whether caused by tort (including negligence), breach of contract or otherwise , even if foreseeable.


7.1 Our Website may contain third party material in the information displayed on the Platform or elsewhere on the Site and we may provide links to external third party websites. Your use of such links to surf these sites and any third party services that you may choose to access in any way is entirely at your risk and we accept no responsibility in that regard whatsoever.

7.2 We may from time to time make arrangements with third parties/affiliates which involve us making a payment to them, or receiving a payment from them, for assistance and information provided.


8.1 No failure by us to enforce any of these Terms and Conditions shall constitute a waiver of our continuing right to do so.


9.1 These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of England and any dispute shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.